Team Survey

Teams thrive best when there is clarity of focus. The SURGE Sports Team Survey measures the current state of a team’s climate and engagement and highlights the team’s strengths, weaknesses and needs for a state of higher performance and excellence. 

We measure the following key indicators of team performance and engagement:

Individual Commitment; Navigation of psychological pressure & stress; innovation; individual empowerment; self-worth & value

Continuous improvement; relationships & attitudes; general perceptions of self and others; quality of team culture

Internal climate; evaluation of leadership; structure, change agility

Vision; mission; goals; strategies; internal culture; values; leadership style; total reward

Internal communication & feedback; internal publicity

Team participation; attitude towards processes; conflict & change management; innovation & creativity

A full report and breakdown is given to you and debriefed by one of our SURGE accredited coaches. A comprehensive list of recommended areas to focus on as well as an action plan is given to you and your high performance management team for suggested implementation.

If you do not have a team performance coach and would like one, please click here and one of our SURGE team will gladly assist.

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