Surge Sport Individual Indicator


*Includes 1 month with your own personal virtual coach

The SURGE sports Individual Indicator is a self-perception tool that highlights your current enablers and derailers that are pushing you forward or holding you back as an athlete. SURGE determines a person’s self-awareness, and also identifies specific development areas to help individuals progress in their sporting careers. This self-assessment can form the start of a personal transformation journey and contribute to meaningful life changing experiences.

The SURGE Individual Assessment shows how an individual perceives their current mindset. Self-perceptions are indicated. The feedback on the assessment is effectively used to give insight on how an individual currently experiences their unique personal development needs. The assessment results therefore have to be applied to the specific circumstances the person is facing.

Through the SURGE indicator, our high performance coaching report, tools and performance coaching professional, SURGE builds on your strengths and weaknesses to help you SURGE into YOUR zone.

Good to know:

  • Each Individual tool comes with a complimentary re-measure after 3 months for verification and future action plans
  • If you do not have a performance coach and would like one, please (click here) and one of our SURGE team will gladly assist