The Surge Sports Tool

The Surge Sports Tool (powered by Motto) was developed by sports coach and ex-professional sportsman Ian Kennedy, in collaboration with Dr Mariheca Otto, founder and CEO of Motto Business Consulting. The questions and constructs are based on the Internal Marketing Model and subsequently the Motto Model™ developed by Mariheca during her PHD Research.

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Dr Mariheca Otto

Dr Mariheca Otto has been the owner and manager of Motto Business Consulting since 2005. She consults in the field of organisational development (OD) and internal marketing (creating buy-in into vision) for a variety of clients in different industries, working in association with credible consultants and HR related service providers. She has almost 20 years of experience in consulting, coaching and facilitating Organisational development and change management processes.

She completed a B.Com (Hons: Industrial Psychology and Sociology), HED, M.Com and PhD in Business Management at the North-West University (previously known as the Potchefstroom University). Through her PhD research, she developed the Motto Model™ and subsequently, through her 20 years of research in the consulting space, she developed a number of Survey Tools based on this model that can be used to kickstart tailored development processes for organisations and individuals through meaningful measurement.

She is also currently in the process of publishing a book that is aimed at guiding individuals and small groups through a personal development journey that will assist them in fulfilling their life purpose. She is a dynamic thought leader, who regularly shares videos on leadership and personal development, as well as podcast interviews on her YouTube channel.