The Surge Sports Tool

The Surge Sports Tool (powered by Motto) was developed by sports coach and ex-professional sportsman Ian Kennedy, in collaboration with Dr Mariheca Otto, founder and CEO of Motto Business Consulting. The questions and constructs are based on the Internal Marketing Model and subsequently the Motto Model™ developed by Mariheca during her PHD Research.

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Dr Mariheca Otto

Dr Mariheca Otto has been the founder and CEO of Motto Business Consulting since 2005. She consults in the field of organisational development and internal marketing (creating buy-in into vision) for a variety of clients in different industries. She works in association with independent OD consultants and other credible service providers.

She completed a B.Com (Hons: Industrial Psychology and Sociology), HED, M.Com and PhD in Business Management at the North-West University (previously known as the Potchefstroom University). She has delivered papers at both national and international academic and business conferences. Her research is not only published in academic publications, but also in newspaper articles and lifestyle magazines. She has almost 20 years of lecturing, training and facilitation experience and is seen as a key leader in her field (internal marketing) due to her ground-breaking work

Ian Kennedy

Before Ian transitioned into Business and Performance Coaching & Team Facilitation, he spent the first part of his working career in the corporate and SME world’s where he was a part of the senior management teams. He is an entrepreneur with two separate businesses and has experienced the business highs and lows that are a reality in business and is acutely aware of the challenges that it presents an individual. He is an extremely goal-oriented and achieving person whose passion is to see others excel. Thus, Ian focuses his coaching practice on Business and Performance Coaching which is pertinent in business, sport and life.

Ian has coached or mentored an array of individuals across the private sector, at all levels of leadership. His approach is business focused, goal directed and informed by the culture and agreed outcomes of the sponsor organisation.